June 19, 2024

As California Baptist University enters Woo Week, the season of charm and class begins as the men on campus prepare to woo the women they are interested in during a weeklong celebration. This week, Feb. 4-8, presents opportunities to strengthen on-campus involvement and show appreciation for fellow students.

While “woo” promotes chivalrous behavior and can be seen as another celebration of the Valentine season, it is mainly about connecting students on campus and developing a stronger sense of community.

Couples may enjoy this week as an excuse to participate in unique date options, or singles may gather with friends to enjoy the unity encouraged in each event. This week is one in which all students are included, this contributes to mutual involvement.

While the idea of taking women on dates to the various occasions is encouraged, it is entirely common for friends to accompany one another to each event. Students may deem each event as casual or formal as they may choose, and the overall sense on campus concerning Woo Week is that it is a time to celebrate with each other and let others feel appreciated.

Woo Week does provide students at CBU a chance to take a break from the day-to-day routine and enjoy fun activities with other people.

Events may include concerts, garden party-themed formal gatherings or praise-worthy talent shows. Each event encourages students to take a break from homework and enjoy the company of their peers, letting others know they are valued. Breaks from the average routine are necessary elements of college life and make new and valuable memories to cherish long after graduation.

The men on campus often take advantage of these opportunities to release their inner “sir.” Some Woo events allow plenty of room for charm, allowing men to express their appreciation for the women of campus.

This appreciation leads up to Woo Week’s grand finale, Woo Fest. Woo Fest provides enjoyment for all who attend, as volunteers perform their various ways of serenading CBU women. This event uplifts students and lightens the mid-semester gloom, offering a bit of refreshment needed to finish the semester well.

Woo Week contributes to the edifying community at CBU. Students show an avid interest in participating, and the enthusiasm allows the week to become a successful form of unifying students and adding to an enjoyable experience at this university.

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