May 23, 2024

From students cramming for tests, to police officers working early shifts, Dunkin’ Donuts plans to come back and start fueling Southern Californians’ sweet cravings by 2015.

In 2002, the company shut down its California locations following customer complaints that the stores were old and outdated.

Under new management, the company said that it feels that now is a good time to start integrating its stores back into Southern California’s strong coffee-buying market.

“We eventually plan to have more than 1,000 restaurants t hroughout the state,” said Nigel Travis, chief executive officer of Dunkin’ Brands Inc. and president of Dunkin’ Donuts, in an interview with NBC News.

It has been more than 10 years since Dunkin’ Donuts’ doors were open in California and major companies such as Starbucks Coffee Co., McDonald’s Corp. and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have taken big bites out of the market since then.

However, it seems as if several students on the California Baptist University campus will make their way to Dunkin’ Donuts once they open their doors again.

“It would be awesome to get amazing doughnuts along with the best coffee ever,” said Beau Wright, freshman civil engineering major.

Students noted Dunkin’ Donuts is less expensive than Starbucks, so that may mean people will switch over to the new stores for their caffeine addictions.

Working on a college student’s meager budget can be difficult enough, and some students say the switch from expensive coffee to more reasonable options would be an easy one.

“I’m excited for Dunkin’ Donuts to come to California because they are more affordable and on the go than Starbucks,” said Sydney Brown, freshman graphic design major.

It might be a couple years before Dunkin’ Donuts stores begin popping back up in Southern California, but from the reactions of students on campus they will welcome the sugary and caffeinated delight of coffee and donuts.

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