May 23, 2024

The first half of Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens was in Baltimore’s favor, with a score of 21-6 going into the third quarter.

But for die-hard Beyoncé fans, the real show began at halftime.

Just days after the singer admitted to lip-synching the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration and created a lot of controversy, Beyoncé was the star of the show on the biggest stage in sports.

Needless to say, Beyoncé had a lot to prove during her live performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during halftime.
In her performance on Super Bowl Sunday, Beyoncé was on fire, literally.

“Beyoncé’s halftime show was mesmerizing,” said Katelyn Haynes, junior pre-nursing major.

For nearly 15 minutes, the show featured light graphics, fire effects, 20-yard mirroring face silhouettes and dance video doubles.

At the start of the show, the stadium was black with smoke engulfing the stage. Beyoncé then appeared on a rising platform, elevated above the stage.

Her performance featured some of her most famous singles, including “Crazy in Love,” “Baby Boy,” “End of Time” and, of course, “Single Ladies.”

Beyoncé’s outfit consisted of a black leather one-piece, which included a jacket she threw in the crowd during the performance.
Beyoncé was accompanied by an all-female band, and 72,000 screaming fans scattered across the stage.

Arguably the biggest surprise of the show came when her former band-mates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, joined her on-stage for a Destiny’s Child reunion.

“She seems to become more and more talented year after year,” Haynes said. “It is even more mind-blowing that she just had a baby.”

After two songs, Rowland and Williams exited the stage for Beyoncé to close out the show with another crowd favorite, “Halo,” as a fireworks show erupted in the stadium.

“When I saw Kelly (Rowland) and Michelle (Williams) join Beyoncé on-stage, I swear I almost fell out of my seat,” said Bianca Fortik, senior international business major.

Overall, the show lived up to its hype as many people joked that Beyoncé’s performance was so incredible it caused the 34-minute power outage in the third quarter.

The performance had much to offer both old and new fans. It was visually entertaining and fun to sing along to with its impressive dance numbers and exciting light effects.

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