January 31, 2023

While most companies offer standard, unchanging bonuses, there are some that outshine the competition, and have made a name as one of the businesses with the best perks.

Businesses around the world, from grocery stores to global corporations, are redefining what it means to have a “job” as they seek to acquire and keep the best and brightest employees.

The Boston Consulting Group, a global management-consulting firm, is a well-oiled machine comprised of only the best of the best. Its corporate website boasts a list of impressive past consultants, including the likes of the CEOs of Pepsi and General Electric, Grammy winner John Legend and an Israeli prime minister.

In addition, BCG maintains a proclivity for considerable for support of their employees, as well.

Jen Bratton, a partner and managing director at BCG’s Chicago location, maintains faith in her employer, saying, “I have no doubt that when I turn another corner, BCG will be there to support me.”

Microsoft Corp. remains highly competitive, as well. Software engineers for the technological giant, can expect an average of $118,000 in annual salary. For the entirety of the year, associates can enjoy the comforts of a company mall, complete with 14 restaurants and an organic spa.

“Googlers,” employees who work for Google Inc., are privileged to on-site medical services, discounted legal services, travel insurance, and employees are reimbursed for any educational classes taken while employed. All of this is in addition to the multitude of gourmet cafes on company grounds, complete with free meals and snacks.

The Everett Clinic, a health care provider in Washington, prides itself on payment for 100 percent of employees’ health care premiums. In addition, the company has developed a unique appreciation system titled “hero-grams.”

Kathy Nelson, a company marketing executive, said that employees nominate each other for the award, which earns the winner points. As an employee’s points rack up, he or she can redeem cash prizes and vacation days.

Employees of Facebook remain satisfied as associates with the social-networking tycoon. The company’s many bonuses include paid vacation, free food and transportation and thousands of dollars in financial aid to new parents.

College is the perfect time for assessing a direction to take in life. As the time before entering the professional world grows shorter every day, consider the opportunities and perks available at perspective employers before taking that final step into the workforce.

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