December 7, 2023

Safety regulations and fire codes are put in place to keep people safe, not put a damper on anyone’s fun.

A fire started in the nightclub, Kiss, Jan. 27, in Santa Maria, Brazil. The fire killed 235 people.

A flare lit by the vocalist of Gurizada Fandangueira, the band performing in the club that night were the culprits in starting the fire.

The recklessness of the band’s lead vocalist’s behavior in an overcrowded nightclub is absolutely unacceptable.

The club was filled with 1,000 to 2,000 people over their capacity limit and when the fire broke out it claimed the lives of 235 victims, many of which were youth within the community.

It is common sense that a flare should not be lit indoors, and the fact that it happened is ridiculous.

However, this utterly unacceptable behavior does not stop here.

In addition to the club being over the holding capacity, there were also no fire alarms or working fire extinguishers, which are necessary inside facilities.

How can people expect to feel safe when there are obvious violations of safety regulation and fire codes?

Especially since many were caught in the flames due to the confusion of the fire exits, which led 180 people to the restrooms during the fire.

In the modern times we live, it is unacceptable for this club to not have fire alarms or working fire extinguishers available for use when they are necessary in cases like this.

It is angering that a nightclub would care more about the money they can make off of selling over their capacity, rather than the patrons’ safety when they are within their establishment.

Two hundred and thirty five people lost their lives due to the ignorance of safety precautions that this nightclub proceeded to carry.

Fire codes and safety regulations must be upheld in order to keep the safety of the customers and business in mind.

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