December 7, 2023

It is safe to say that most people have either chased after someone or lost sleep wondering if someone is chasing after them.

It is natural to do these things, but one must know the strategies of the “enemy” if they want to win at this game of chase.

Here are some tips that a man may like you.

1. He might stare. There is something cute about a man who cannot stop looking at you because he finds you so beautiful. On the other hand, if you are at Wal-Mart by yourself and a man 20 years older than you is doing this, you should probably run. There is a line between cute and creepy.

2. He will make the first move. Women are becoming more independent and are told they should take initiative and go after whoever they want. Be patient, though, because if a guy wants to meet you bad enough he will make it happen.

“A lot of girls make it nearly impossible for guys to figure out whether or not they like them, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” said Jonathan Tillery, senior Christian studies major.

“If a guy knows a girl likes him, he’s less likely to continue to work hard to win her heart. I know this sounds like a game, but this is how men are wired. We were designed for adventure, challenge and pursuit.”

3. In this modern day and age, texting can be a sign that someone may be interested in you. It does not always mean that, but if a man is constantly texting, calling or Facebooking you, it might be safe to say he just wants to find a way to talk to you.
Sorry, gentlemen, but the women pick up on this when you text and ask them every night what the homework is. One can only doze off in class so many times.

Men, you have sat tight while your strategies and signs have been exposed. Now, it is your turn to learn how to tell if a woman is interested in you. These are not signs that necessarily mean she is pursuing you — just that she is interested and trying to get your attention.

1. She will flirt with you. Flirting comes natural for a good number of women. Through it, they show a man they are interested while not having to make the move. Most will flirt as a way of encouraging a man to step up and ask her out.

2. She might play hard-to-get. Women do not want to seem eager or let a man know she is into him right off the bat. They like to make him work for their approval.

“I guess it’s a fine balance, but you definitely have to make them work,” said Janelle Kelly, senior intercultural studies major.

“There are certain things that guys need to initiate like plans and big things. I don’t make it too easy, but I’m not playing mind games at the same time.”

3. She, too, will find random reasons to talk to you. It could be as simple as asking for help in class or requesting your aid in her apartment to kill a spider or lift something heavy. Even asking your opinion on music that you listen to. It will be obvious she just wants to see and talk to you.

Most people are either pursuing, being pursued or have played the game of chase in their lifetime. It is the game of life between men and women. Know the game, its players and the other players’ tactics. It can be a fun game if you give people chances and take risks.

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