December 3, 2023

A popular new app, Poshmark, is available through iTunes for the iPhone and ipad allows users the joy and quick view of fashion pieces in an Instagram format.

Easy to use, there are standard “like” buttons as well as share and comment features. These allow users to buy, sell and comment on pieces of clothing and other fashion accessories.

Brittany Blankenship, senior public relations major, has never heard of the fashion app, but said she would use it.
“This is an app that I would be interested in using,” Blankenship said. “I would definitely check it daily to see what clothes were on sale.”

Prices are usually discounted and Poshmark has an abundance of high-end merchandise that, like eBay, is significantly cheaper than department stores. Items are in picture format so buyers are able to easily see exactly what they are getting and the condition of the clothing.

Sophomore Nathan Hexen said he uses apps daily and the chance of him using Poshmark is likely. Cherisse Grow, freshman early childhood education major, admitted she would not be interested since she is not technology savvy.

The low prices make it appealing to students who need to save money.

“It would be an easy way to sell clothes that you no longer wear,” Blankenship said. “With hashtags and the massive Instagram community, items would receive lots of traffic.”

One of the benefits of this app is the conversations buyers can have with the person selling the merchandise. If the seller has an item hanging from a hanger and a potential buyer wants to see it modeled, he or she can leave a quick comment on the picture and because of the app’s easy-to-use nature, users can upload a picture quickly to appeal to the potential buyer.

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