February 27, 2024

have been battling with each other since the beginning of time to see which will be the driving force of this nation’s government.

Throughout the history of the U.S., Christianity and our government have been intertwined.

Nonetheless, as our country grows, it slowly departs from its very foundation. America has been breaking away from its roots of Christianity and as a result it is crumbling.

In modern America, the idea of secularism is becoming predominant in schools, the workplace and even our churches.

It was not always this way, though, as the existence of the First Amendment is a clear example that the protection of the religious freedom was necessary to our founding fathers.

This amendment gives liberty to those who are and those who are not Christians to practice their faith without worry of religious persecution.

If these unalienable rights are taken away, and democracy is broken down into a utilitarian society, then the moral structure of democracy will come crumbling down.

Government policies are created in our country, from the consequentialist point of view, which dismisses the Christian outlook on life and happiness.

If the majority of people have a secularist point of view, this country may face the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.

The values of life, community and love are all basic roots of the Christian faith and are also influential in democratic society.

“As far as the political structure itself, I think a democracy requires certain things that Christianity lends such as inherit dignity of humanity, the virtues of trust and self-reliance and in the sense of hard work,” said Dr. M. Todd Bates, associate professor of philosophy.

As Christians, it is our duty to fight as valiant men and women.

God can help us fight against losing the essence of the Christian foundation our founding fathers built this nation on.

Without Christianity, this democratic nation will not survive.

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