February 23, 2024

It is the end of December and people are finally taking a break from the craze of holiday season when they notice that department stores have started placing Valentine’s Day products on the shelves.

The U.S. Census states that it all started with “a clergyman who was executed for secretly marrying couples in ancient Rome.”

But the day has drifted from celebrating the heroic act of bringing couples together to the purchasing of gifts because people are obliged to do so.

What is worse is when someone leaves work late on Valentine’s Day and they are left with the less attractive bouqet of flowers and the squished box of chocolates, unless they prepare in advance.

The retail industry is always changing and people are always coming up with new things to sell to meet the needs of customers who seek to make each holiday memorable.

Manufacturers know this is a day that brings in much of their revenue so they increase production in chocolate as well as other products, restaurants hire more employees and a lot of people get engaged on this day — which means big business for jewelry stores.

So many things happen to prepare for just one day when they should be happening throughout the year.

Setting specific dates helps people stay focused on spending much more of their money and going all out simply because it is another holiday on the list.

Of course, it feels great to receive a Hallmark card and some flowers from a significant other on Valentine’s Day, but this should be done throughout the year, not solely on a specific day.

It is not a requirement for people to purchase countless things.

Instead, people should express their feelings through small daily affirmations, such as an “I love you and I appreciate your hard work.”

Commerce never ends and Valentine’s Day simply becomes a day when people purchase items that will most likely sit on a shelf and never be used.

But, unfortunately, our culture has had such an influence on us that people refrain from celebrating love all year long and simply wait for the day that everyone else says they should celebrate it.

This makes it an ordeal that is expected and not something that is already constantly in effect.

Take into consideration that little things here and there will definitely make a relationship grow and become stronger.

It is extremely important not to focus on spreading your love toward someone on just one day of the year but rather all year.

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