May 27, 2023

The various flavors and swirls of goodness make frozen yogurt and ice cream one of the best treats for summer.

However, which dessert is most popular among California Baptist University students?

Louis Flood, sophomore marketing major, said he prefers ice cream over frozen yogurt.

“The taste of ice cream makes me want to savor the flavor every moment,” Flood said.

Over time, frozen yogurt has become a popular alternative to ice cream because of its healthier nutritional value.

But, is the health value a concern while deciding which dessert to eat?

“If I was thinking about being healthy, I would not be eating the ice cream in the first place,” Flood said.

Kate Cozens, sophomore kinesiology student, is all about health when it comes to dessert.

“Frozen yogurt can be seen as a low-fat alternative because of the use of milk as opposed to the cream in ice cream,” Cozens said. “I am very careful about what goes into my body and frozen yogurt provides a better option for dessert.”

One of the local places to go for ice cream is Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor, located less than 5 miles away
from CBU.

“I love Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor because they make you feel like you are at Disneyland,” Flood said. “They go all-out so you can relax, eat ice cream and have fun with your friends.”

Although there are more places to go for ice cream, frozen yogurt is rising in popularity.

“My favorite place to go for frozen yogurt is Yogurtland because they have a wide selection of healthy toppings and it’s a great place to go to relax and enjoy time with friends,” Cozens said.

Ice cream and frozen yogurt hit the spot and students have many options of where to go for an ice cream or fro-yo run with friends.

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