September 28, 2023

Ten California Baptist University students and professors worked on the media team for the annual Harvest Crusade in Angels Stadium, Aug. 23-25.
With more than 105,000 in attendance and nearly 10,000 new commitments to Christ, this experience allowed for others to make a change in their lives.
Ryan S. Welsh, senior graphic design major, has worked the event for three years.
“It was humbling to see ‘the event’ from both a vantage in the crowd, as well as one in the midst of the emotion and change,” Welsh said.
Dirk Dallas, assistant professor of graphic design, has been involved for seven years and overseen video crews on the field for the past three.
“That stadium filled with people responding to the message and drawing closer to God is definitely the highlight for me,” Dallas said.
This was the first crusade for Kelsie Markoski, senior graphic design major.
“I’ve been to the crusades my entire life and been involved since 8th grade, but nothing has been more powerful than being on the field watching lives change and being able to capture the moments,” Markoski said.
For rookies and veterans, the Crusades are a life-altering event.
“It’s an honor to be able to work with such an amazing team, to do something with your talent that really matters and see lives change,” Welsh said.
With the help of 10 of CBU’s very own, the 2013 Harvest Crusades changed thousands of lives.

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