October 1, 2023

For years, “Saturday Night Live” has fostered laughter through comedic skits and silly characters, but with multiple cast members leaving the show in its 39th season, the worry is if they will lose valued viewers.

Fred Armsen, Bill Hader and Jason Sideakis, former cast members of the show, will not be returning to the show for the upcoming season.

Jared Overstreet, sophomore biology major, said  he does not think the show will suffer from the lose of these actors.

“The actors that replace (the original cast members)are good and because of the show, they become even better,” Overstreet said.

As the show says goodbye to talented cast members, they also welcome new actors to the “SNL” family.

“My favorite character was a tie between Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig,” Overstreet said.

Overstreet said he believes the show will triumph despite these staff changes.

On May 12, Seth Myers announced his departure from the show following the first half of the season.

Paul Cardoza, a master of arts in public relations student, agrees with Overstreet on the show’s future.

Tune into NBC this September to decide if these changes have viewers laughing along with the new cast, or flipping the channel to something else.

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