January 31, 2023

By Stephanie black

Lifestyle Editor


Students at California Baptist University come from all around the world and have strong opinions about where they would rather live.

From a poll of CBU students, 218 respondents said they would rather live in the city and 201 said they prefer living in the country — nearly evenly split at 50.8 percent for cities and 49.2 percent for the country.

Although the poll discovered that students would prefer to live in the city, country living was a close second.

Some preferring country-living expressed their dislike for the city.

“You’re surrounded by people constantly,” said Hannah Hennessy, junior psychology major.

“I have a deep fear of people that close to me. (My family) was hit by a drunken driver in our car coming home from a soccer tournament.”

With her dislike for crowded cities because of a car accident, Hennessy gives credit to country living.

“It’s more open,” Hennessy said. “The clean air and open space is what I like. It’s better for outdoor activities.”

Michael Andrew Doss, junior criminal justice major, said, “It’s just nicer, not as crowded; you don’t have to worry about traffic.”

Doss said he likes the country vibe and added, “When you think country, you think homey, quiet and sweet tea.”

Those on the winning side of the poll also had strong reasons for their preferred choice of city living.

“The country is nice, but it’s better for vacation,” said Edgar A. Lopez, freshman health science major. “The city is better because there’s always something to do.”

Kendall Barkley, junior liberal studies major, explained why she thinks people would prefer to live in the city instead of living in the country.

“Our society has shaped us and raised us to be constantly around people and to keep up with the business of life,”Barkley said.

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