January 31, 2023

By Maribel Ramirez
Spread Editor


Finding a place to study around campus can be challenging, but there are plenty of good study nooks off-campus. So try a change of scenery from time to time and explore.

One of the most obvious places to study in college is at the library. Finding the most isolated part of the Anne Gabriel Library, such as the top floor or a hidden study room, will help remove distracting friends and classmates.

For those who work best with some background noise and other distractions, try the nearest coffee shop – either Starbucks or Lift Coffee Roasters.

Wi-Fi access, food and drinks at a coffee shop make a good study place.

“I normally study at the Daily Brew,” said Kayla Falsetti, senior Christian studies major. “It has become a second home to me and it is comfortable.”

Reading out on a lawn can be a great way to get some fresh air, clear the mind and get some work done, too.

“I like to study at the gazebo because it’s quiet and allows me to concentrate while also feeling relaxed,” said Tzitlali Alvarez, senior health science major.

Be creative in finding places to study — think of places students would normally pass up as study areas.

“I normally study behind the library, in the courtyard area by the water fountain,” said Timothy Sullivan, senior history major. “No one really goes there and it’s a nice area because it’s quiet and peaceful.”

Commuters can retreat to the commuter lounge by the Cottages for a quiet place to study and relax.

The Campus Store has much more than books. It is available for students to sit down on the sofas and get some homework done.

A good study place is one that  can calm the nerves and focuses the mind, but it may also involve some background noise. Whatever style best fits, go forth, explore  and study.

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