January 31, 2023

By Raine Paul

A&E Editor


California Baptist University students embraced their inner-artists, grabbing glue guns and scissors to decorate apartments with DIY projects.

DIY projects pose a creative and budget-friendly way for individuals to personalize their living spaces.

Amanda Wright, DIY blogger for Wit & Whistle, has embraced the trend with thousands of users reading her blog for inspiration to attempt unique creations.

“Having an outlet to share my creative interests and undertakings helps motivate me to live the creative life I am after,” Wright said.

Somewhat of a crafting expert, Wright said the key to DIY is staying flexible.

“Not every project will turn out the way you want it to, but if you are willing to improvise, things will usually work out,” Wright said. “Even if your project is a total failure, at least you tried something new and learned what not to do next time.”

CBU students are often on a tight budget so stretching finances is crucial.

Emily Gallina, junior graphic design major, utilizes sites such as Pinterest to decorate her apartment.

“I love DIY projects,” Gallina said. “My tip for others would be to understand how to make it before you spend the money on supplies.”

Hannah Evans, sophomore communication disorders major, is another Lancer who added character to her apartment with homemade decorations.

“My roommate and I tried a few different projects this summer,” Evans said. “We had a blast making them, and it’s cool to know they are unique.”

Many CBU students added originality to the walls of their apartments and dorms this fall.

While projects did not not always turn out as intended, they became one-of-a-kind works of art.

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