September 28, 2023

By Alex Korhely-Day

Managing Editor


While incoming freshman begin the transition from high school to college, returning seniors slowly begin the process of finishing their undergraduate career and graduating into the working world.

Although the preparation for graduation may bring excitement for seniors, it also is a time to transition for life as working adults outside of California Baptist University.

One may think that being a senior means all fun and games; however, the reality is far different.

For the graduating seniors, the anticipation grows to finish their final months, gaining the knowledge they can, and also preparing for life after they are handed their diplomas.

“I graduate in December,” said Megan Zimmon, senior liberal studies major. “I am ready to be done, but I also want to get out as much as I can biblically and wisdom from my professors while I have time left at CBU.”

Some seniors are facing and struggling with the fear of what is next after graduation.

“I worry about where I am going to live after graduation,” said Laura Walker, senior music education major. walker continued and said,“I am looking to live around here or somewhere back East, but ultimately, wherever I can find a job, which is a main concern of mine.”

Finishing college is only a step toward a young adult’s future.

At the final stages of their college career, seniors at CBU have learned from their experiences that they will carry on with them after graduation.

“At CBU, get connected and involved with anything that you can,” Zimmon said. “Find your niche and grow with it. Career-wise, take advantage of what the school has to offer. Take advantage of the things even outside of your career.”

Seniors at CBU are finding ways to make their final months memorable and worthwhile as they prepare for future endeavors outside of CBU.

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