January 31, 2023


1. Morning dew brings out the true colors of a simple plant. – Julie Gurrola

2. Rose Garden Chapel reflecting the September sun. – Nathan Boschen

3. The flowers that lay on the James Building arches radiate in the sun. – Michael Cardona

4. Light reflects off of a delicate dandelion. – Julie Gurrola

5. The detail of a car’s headlights can be personafied to resemble a human’s eye. – Jacob Herington

6. Worn tennis balls lie in the grass, fading in the afternoon. – Jacob Herington

7. The light of dawn makes a simple, everyday park bench come to life. – Julie Gurrola

8. Brightly colored peppers spice up the vegetable aisle. – Julie Gurrola

9.  Spilled coffee beans scatter across a granite countertop under the kitchen’s fluorescent light. – Jacob Herington

10. The fence of the historic house in the back of the Colony exposes time. – Willoughby Douglas

11. Concaved comes, though simple, serve a great purpose by helping those who are blind to have a better idea of their surroundings. – Julie Gurrola

12. The inside of a construction cone gives the illusion of inifinity. – Julie Gurrola

13. Light dances on the water of Long Beach, Calif., creating a beautiful bokeh blur from further away. – Jessica Bills

14. A stoic mallard duck observes the pedestrians as the many colors of his feathers glisten in the sunlight. – Jessica Bills


By Jessica Bills

You’re on a beach in Tahiti. The sun is setting. There are clouds swiftly gliding on the horizon. Silhouetted palm trees perfectly frame your view. And you remember how Tahiti is known for its captivating and vibrant sunsets.

You ready your phone to take this glorious shot, hoping to capture the beauty your eyes behold. But, despair strikes.

Your phone is only saving your shots in black and white. You frantically try to check your camera settings. But this Android fail is something not even iOS 7 can fix.

The sun is setting rapidly. You snap a couple shots, messing around with the brightness levels. You try to repair the setting in one last attempt.

Now, the sun had set. You still have a good photo, but without color, it is just a sunset, and those happen everywhere and everyday.

Colors imply meaning. They evoke emotions. They tell stories. They please our eyes. Colors have the power to inspire and the great responsibility of affecting us.

Songs, poems, movies, plays and more have been influenced by exposing the anatomy and psychology of colors.

Colors influence people and animals in drastic ways, just as light and darkness can.

Some images are made powerful through the use of multiple colors, whereas some cause us to focus on the intentionality of just using one.

Without colors, the details of our everyday lives would become static. Enjoy our color shots as we enjoyed taking them.


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