March 2, 2024

By Sarah Carol Hughes | Asstistant Business & Tech Editor

When thinking of fast food, the word “healthy” generally does not come to mind, but McDonald’s is trying to change the way people view fast food, and more specifically, its personal brand.

The company has taken a lot of flak in recent years from news reports admonishing the way the restaurant prepares food and for the limited number of healthy meal choices.

However, McDonald’s has been consistently adding new, healthy-looking options to its menu, such as offering apple slices instead of french fries as a side in its Happy Meals.

Claudia Hidalgo, junior Spanish major, is a crew trainer at McDonald’s.

“I know overall the company is trying to go healthier (because) of all the attacks made about the food… we want to provide healthier options,” Hidalgo said. “We have the same goal… which is to provide good quality food at a fast pace.”

One of the most prominent new items added to the new health-conscious menu are the premium wraps, Hidalgo said.

“The new premium wraps are bigger than the other wraps,” Hidalgo said. “They have tomato, cucumber and lettuce. They are healthy and geared toward different tastes.”

Each wrap offers a different assortment of meat and vegetables to suit various taste preferences.

Michael Walton, freshman theater major, said he has been eating at McDonald’s since he was 4 years old.

Walton has continued to eat at McDonald’s despite bad press, but said he is also enjoying some of the healthier options that have been made available in response to it.

“I’m pretty indifferent (about healthy food),” Walton said. “But the new wraps are bomb. It’s nice to at least pretend to be healthy.”

Those who have been eating at McDonald’s for years can enjoy the new array of meals and options that the company has to offer, and those who prefer to make healthier choices just might find something too.

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