May 23, 2024

Jacob Armstrong | Banner The Recreation Center covers 40,682 square feet and serves all California Baptist University students, faculty, alumni and their spouses. The center features a changeable court space that accommodates intramural volleyball and basketball teams.

The 2013 American School & University’s magazine’s Architectural Portfolio issue recognized California Baptist University’s Recreation Center for its outstanding design and construction.

Released at the end of last November, there were 145 facilities profiled that the magazine considered as “idea books for education design and construction.”

The Recreation Center received the annual Tilt-Up Achievement Award conducted by Tilt-Up Concrete Association.

“I had not heard of this style of construction before, and once it was explained, I realized how amazing it was to have our facility built this way,” said Stefani Plummer, director of the CBU Recreation Center. “It is pretty exciting to be considered, let alone win this award.”

The magazine stated, “(The Recreation Center) promotes a wonderful gathering place that encourages a healthful, more vibrant community, and services a very desirable amenity to attract and retain both students and faculty.”

The facility covers 40,682 square feet and is a two-story, state-of-the-art recreation center.

“I love showing the Recreation Center to family and friends whenever they visit campus,” said Alejandro Gonzalez, junior psychology major.

The center features a 23-foot-tall rock climbing facility and a changeable court space that accommodates intramural basketball and volleyball. It also includes lounge areas, three racquetball courts, a weight room, fitness rooms and a cycling room.

“The Recreation Center has been a great place to hang out with friends and workout,” Gonzalez said. “I love the design and layout.”

CBU was one of 30 post-secondary schools that was recognized. The CBU center received recognition because it differs from the rest.

“I would say most of the elements are the same, but how they are arranged is what makes us unique,” Plummer said.

Serving students, staff, faculty and their spouses, the Recreation Center has become a valuable part of CBU’s campus. It serves as a home for intramural sports and encourages fitness and health across campus.

“The track and soccer field on the roof is a creative use of space,” Plummer said. “We have a great viewing area over the court area and racquetball courts. Our reception desk is pretty amazing. You probably won’t see that style of desk in too many facilities.”

The center is currently in the process of being nominated for the 2014 National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association Outstanding Sports Facility Award.

“The mission of the facility is based on scripture and our team operates in that scope,” Plummer said. “It makes us more than a recreation center. We are about the people and their wellness.”

The article featuring the Recreation Center’s profile is on the school’s website and at

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