ASCBU strives to serve student body

As elections approach, the  Associated Students of California Baptist University work behind the scenes to make the CBU experience valuable.

“We came up with a mission statement this year, and that is a really big game-changer because without a mission you don’t really have a road to be on,” said Trent Ward, junior marketing major and ASCBU president. “Our goal as ASCBU is to enable the voice of the student body, enhance the student body’s experience and to create stability within the organization.”

Students involved in ASCBU give the rest of the student body an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

“We are putting suggestion boxes all around campus,” Ward said. “It’s another way to reach out. A big thing is that we want to hear from students.”

Additionally, ASCBU offers gifts students can obtain from their office.

“We aren’t just about Scantrons and blue books,” said Brian Matteri, senior liberal studies major and ASCBU residential representative. “We give away pens, pencils, laminations and posters for free, and one of our bigger giveaways is the ID holders.”

Aside from free office supplies, students are also allowed 10 free copies or prints each day. ASCBU also organizes the larger events and activities that occur around campus.

“We are in the midst of doing larger projects, not just for the whole student body, but for individual classes, residents and commuters,” Ward said.

Ward said ASCBU has big plans for the semester and the future.

“This semester we are looking at having barbecues put in in the Colony, and not just that, but a whole outdoor patio area,” Ward said. “Later on in the semester we might also look into barbecues for the Village.”

Bike racks, skateboard racks and water fountains are all things ASCBU has implemented around campus.

Ward said community building is important to ASCBU.

“We are partnering with the Recreation Center to do a conquer the course night for men’s night,” Ward said. “We haven’t had a men’s night at the Rec Center yet, so that is one of the bigger projects.”

One of the pivotal events for ASCBU is elections. They determine who will be presiding over future ventures.

“We are doing an ASCBU election kick-off on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m., and we will be raffling off an iPad Air,” Ward said. “We will be showing ‘Monsters University’ in Stamps Courtyard. It will be an opportunity for the candidates to reveal who is running and to create a platform to vote.”

Another job of ASCBU is to represent each class to individually cater to each unique group’s needs.

“The freshmen representatives are looking into getting large gaming equipment for the freshmen living areas,” Ward said.

“For Tower Hall, they want to get a foosball table, for the Cottages they want can-jam and ladder golf, for Simmons they want an air hockey table and a pingpong table and for Smith, a pool table,” he said. “For commuters, we are looking at getting board games for the lounge, so they have more than TV.”

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