January 31, 2023

Eating unhealthy snacks, gawking over eye-candy and seeing a sappy love story is a great Friday night with the girls. “Endless Love” is just that: a completely cliche chick-flick that does not challenge viewers but manages to be a great feel-good movie.

After the death of her older brother, Jade Butterfield, played by Gabriella Wilde, and her family have spent years trying to move on without him.

Prepared to leave at the end of summer to pursue a pre-medical program at Brown University, Jade’s plans change when she meets David Elliott, played by Alex Pettyfer.

For the first time, Jade truly lets go and opens her heart and the film follows her through this journey. The  teenagers fall in love with no concern for the future; they trust their hearts. Inspiring those around them, the two fight for each other while others try to pull them apart.

Wilde and Pettyfer are joined by Bruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson, Robert Patrick and other actors to bring another tale of young love to the big screen.

As one of the year’s Valentine’s Day releases, the film is full of whimsical romantic scenes that have audiences following the characters as they put everything aside to pursue their exciting new relationship. Do not expect any twists or surprises, however, as this film is predictable and similar to other movies within its genre.

While the focal theme of the film is the power of love and reasons you should fight for it, “Endless Love” touches on what it means to be a family and how to leave the past behind.

While “Endless Love” will not be remembered as one of the best films of 2014, it is definitely an enjoyable way to spend two hours with friends. It is upbeat, inspiring and leaves viewers with smiles on their faces.

For moviegoers looking for an easy watch this spring that will leave them in a good mood, “Endless Love” is a great choice and the perfect solution for a girls’ night out.

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