December 7, 2023

Since it first opened its doors in 2011, The Salted Pig has been making a buzz with people everywhere and even with some students at California Baptist University, who like to visit the restaurant for the bacon-inspired desserts and the chill environment.

Gourmet burgers have become the new trend in the restaurant scene. The Salted Pig, located in historic downtown Riverside, is not just any burger restaurant, though. It is a gastro pub with a menu ranging from burgers to coffee and donuts. It stands out from other restaurants in the area, with its modern and minimalist look and the always-changing menu.

“At The Pig, we strive to give our customers an experience each time they visit,” said Elise Azevedo, general manager and event manager of The Salted Pig. “Everything served at The Pig is made in-house.”

The menu has a selection of dishes and desserts using unique ingredients that have been carefully selected for each dish. One of the different aspects of this restaurant is that the menu is constantly changing because of their use of seasonal ingredients.

“One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the variety,” said Andrew Griffice, junior English major. “I think it is a good idea because it helps customers from getting bored of always choosing from the same menu. It’s also really unique compared to most restaurants in the area.”

With artsy light fixtures and black and white photography, the ambiance is just as cool and unique as its menu and surprisingly inviting at the same time.

“I expected something like super hipster and trendy, like you wouldn’t fit in,” said Jami Davis, junior graphic design major. “I actually felt super comfortable there and I liked it a lot.”

There is always something new going on at The Salted Pig, from their daily specials to their monthly events. The Salted Pig has their doors open to anyone who loves a great meal.

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