March 25, 2023

Jacob Gonzalez, freshman photography major, and Micah Paul, CBU alumnus, perform steel wool spinning on a bridge in Sacramento, Calif. Jonathan Logerstedt | Banner

In the spring semester there is a source of hope that unites procrastinators. This hope is spring break, a time to catch up either on homework or “How I Met Your Mother.” It is a time to refocus and prepare for the remainder of the semester. Or in the cases of many students, it is a time to flee familiar land and take to the road.

Renee Flannery, senior journalism major, ventured out with friends she had made through her internship at the International Center.

“A year ago, I knew none of the people I had spent my spring break with,” Flannery said. “Our road trip was special because we got to see parts of California from the perspective of five different nationalities.”

Accompanying her on the trip were friends from Iran, India, Mexico, Vanuatu and, of course, the United States. The group of nine traveled to Salinas, Calif., where they stayed at a fellow road-tripper’s house.

“My Indian friend mentioned that before coming to America, she knew this land as the land of opportunity,” Flannery said. “Since having come to the states she has seen that it is true and also seen the beauty in California.”

Spending long hours in tight quarters with the same people can reveal much about relationships.

“In a lot of ways, this trip was about getting to know each other as friends on a deeper level,” Flannery said. “I was able to see certain ways in how they see the world, relationships and experiences.”

Another pair of students, Kayrn LoPresti, senior early childhood studies major and Stephanie Plotnick, freshman environmental science major, drove to Georgia for LoPresti to surprise her best friend and prepare for an after-graduation move.

“I’ve longed to go on a cross-country road trip,” said LoPresti, a resident adviser in the Cottages. “A resident said that she would love to do it, and so we made it happen, making it the most epic spring break ever.”

Leaving Friday at midnight, the duo arrived at their destination on Saturday afternoon after only stopping for gas and restroom breaks.

“I loved every moment in Georgia,” LoPresti said. “I felt happy and at peace there, like that is where the Lord wants me. It is the greatest feeling.”

A group of four photographers and graphic design students piled in their car on a journey to the Pacific Northwest with one thing in mind: Make great images.

Jacob Gonzalez, freshman photography major, said he loved going on this road trip with fellow photographers, where, if there was a beautiful sight, someone would call out a request to stop the car and shoot some photos.

Along with the beautiful images captured, Gonzalez said he learned more about connecting with people.

“You never know who you are going to meet, so take the time to talk to people and get to know them and their stories,” Gonzalez said.

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