June 25, 2024

The start of the fall semester at California Baptist University can be an exciting time for any student, new or returning.

This year, students may be surprised to see the additions and developments that CBU has had over the summer.

Multiple construction projects have taken place on campus and with it have come some new and helpful adjustments.

Many returning students will remember the Campus Life Office of years past.

Because of CBU’s expansion and growth, the Campus Life Office is no more.

Instead, Lancers will see that the original Campus Life Office has split into two separate offices: the University Card Services Office and the Office of Leadership and Transitions.

University Card Services handles all student identification card issues. This office is also able to provide assistance with any inquiries regarding meal plans on the CBU campus.

The Office of Leadership and Transitions is located in the new area of campus known as Lancer Plaza, where the new Campus Store and El Monte Grill are also located.

Beverly Querin, secretary for the Office of Leadership and Transitions, is just one of the many people working in this new office.

“Leadership and Transitions does just that — it handles all of the transitions that the new students and transfer students are experiencing when coming into the CBU community,” Querin said.

“Campus Life no longer exists, but Leadership and Transitions is also in charge of handling all of the applications for student leadership positions for the following school year, as well as all of the RA (resident adviser) and FOCUS leader applications,” she continued.

Even though the Campus Life Office may no longer exist, the University Card Services Office and the Office of Leadership and Transitions both serve as a foundation for a variety of activities and information for all CBU students.

All of the new changes on campus have been made to provide an environment for all students to succeed during their time at CBU, which will promote the kind of excellence for which CBU strives.

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