December 3, 2023

California Baptist University is rapidly changing its campus and students can expect to find a number of new locations this semester. With the student body growing significantly each year, the university has created more space and expanded its borders.

Lancer Plaza, located directly off CA-91 at the Adams Street exit, is now not only home to the Recreation Center, but also to the Campus Store and administrative offices formerly in the Yeager Center.

This expansion has allowed CBU to sell more merchandise and has opened up more space for textbooks and school supplies.

Madison Harris, sophomore early childhood studies major, works at the Campus Store and said she believes the new location “is really good, because it’s right off the freeway so it is the first thing people can see coming to the school.”

One question that has been raised, however, is how convenient the new location will be due to its relative distance from the main campus.

“I think once people are moved in for school, they will begin to come over to Lancer Plaza more often,” Harris said.

Along with offices and the Campus Store, CBU has added a new dining option called El Monte Grill. Operated by Provider Food Services, the restaurant will serve Mexican-style food that students can enjoy using their meal swipes.

Offices found in Lancer Plaza have improved tremendously, including the new and improved Community Life room. Aside from its trendy decor and urban-like feel, Comm Life is an exciting environment providing students with the opportunity to relax or play.

First time students have said they found the plaza to be an impressive part of their new college experience. Along with a new school they also enjoy the benefit of having a new center right on campus.

“The first time I saw the bookstore I was amazed at how beautiful it was,” said Brittany Ferrier, junior early childhood studies major and transfer student. “I had seen the old store but I was blown away that for my first semester I get to be a part of this new addition to CBU.”

While Lancer Plaza may be a farther trek than many are used to on campus, it is sure to be an integral part of the campus’ expanding size. With the growing student body and community involvement, CBU is keeping pace with additions such as these.

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