June 16, 2024

Spoon, an indie rock band from Austin, Texas, recently came back together after a four-year hiatus, in which band members ventured out on side projects. With a career of more than 20 years in the industry, Spoon has established their own original sound combined with loyal fans and new listeners.

The album “They Want My Soul,” released Aug. 5, created buzz among fans, festivals and critics around the world.

The frontman, Britt Daniel, has a throaty voice that draws on unhappy memories and raw emotions. In songs such as “Do You,” a smooth, keyboard-heavy pop is heard with a catchy chorus, “Do you want to get understood? Do you want one thing or are you looking for sainthood?”

“New York Kiss” is reminiscent of The Strokes with their infectious beats and catchy lyrics. On “Inside Out,” you can hear subtle nods to indie-influenced music with guitar distortions, but the track remains cohesive and easy to listen to. One of the most diverse tracks is “Outlier,” which introduces new sonic textures such as a Latin organ and Spanish-influenced guitar lines, creating a warm feeling.

“They Want My Soul” is a fresh effort from a well-established band. As an album, it has innovative and heart-warming songs that will keep Spoon on the map.

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