February 21, 2024

California Baptist University students have access to different discounts, ranging from discounts on computers to discounted tickets for places such as Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.

Mariah Rickard, a junior graphic design major who works in the Community Life office, said the discounts offered through CBU are meant to help students who are not familiar with the area.

“The tickets are way cheaper than the regular prices,” Rickard said. “The San Diego Zoo tickets are used less, but that might be because they are offered online, and San Diego Zoo tickets were only offered starting this year.”

Rickard noted that movie ticket discounts are the resource used the most. The movie tickets, which are available for both Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters, are $8 and valid for any showtime on any day.

Ruben Samuelu, junior pre-nursing major, said the discounts on movie tickets are useful for him, and that it was helpful to hear about other discounts he could take advantage of during his time at CBU.

“I didn’t know about some of the other discounts before,” Samuelu said. “I use the movie tickets a lot for quick dates with my wife, though.”

Other resources that students can access here are offered online at insidecbu.calbaptist.edu. The “Life @ CBU” tab on InsideCBU is the fastest way to find the different discounts and offers available to students.

One such resource is Journeyed.com, a website that offers discounts on resources that are vital to college students. These include steep discounts on programs such as Rosetta Stone, anti-virus software and even Microsoft Office, which is offered for the staggeringly low price of $9.95 (as compared to its regular $74.95).

CBU offers discounts for Disneyland tickets, as well; students can get a one-day ticket to Disneyland for $92.16 instead of the regular $96, which adds up when purchasing multiple single-day tickets. Parking discounts are another resource in addition to the ticket discount.

The San Diego Zoo discounts are for the park’s one-day pass and one-day pass plus; the Pass Plus includes your choice of one 4-D theater experience.

This new addition to the discounts offered, as well as the other perks provided will benefit students in an entertaining, educational way.

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