May 25, 2024

The North of China University and Dalian University performed on California Baptist University’s Front Lawn Nov. 7 to share their traditional style of music and dance.

The night consisted of performances by the Chinese Orchestra, dancers from Dalian University, and the North of China University’s choir and vocal and instrumental soloists.

A total of 60 students, their professors, conductors and the deans of both universities traveled 15 hours to California to offer CBU entertainment for the night. These students brought to life many traditional Chinese folk songs, as well as a few modern American songs.

“I loved this school very much. I’m excited to be here,” said Ivy Yao, a dancer from Dalian University.

Just like Yao, a few of her peers heard of CBU through former classmates who attended their university and later transferred to CBU. Yao said they heard about CBU through their professors, as well.

Both Chinese universities and CBU’s School of Music have gained close connections with one another and share their joy of coming together through music.

Li Ying Jie, Dalian University Music College president, has been the dean of the school for 12 years and has established a bond and communication with the School of Music at CBU. Jie said his students have come to CBU for interviews and auditions and CBU students have traveled to the schools in China to perform, as well.

“I love the rehearsals for the jazz music and the choir concerts we perform,” Jie said. “We were invited to play by Dr. (Judd) Bonner. We have friendship between Dalian University and CBU. They’re like a sister school, and we have lots of communication.”

Sharon Gao, master of music education student and international student at CBU, graduated from Dalian University. Gao translated for the Chinese students throughout the evening.

Two students performed a song titled “By the Dressing Table.” Gao said it was one of her favorite folks songs and reminded her of home.

“When I listen to this song, I always want to cry,” Gao said. “It’s so beautiful.”

Christina Andrews, senior anthropology major, said it was a moving performance and she enjoyed seeing the different instruments and dancers throughout the night.

“I could hear the story in the music. There was a song that was about these businessmen traveling on their camels, and I could hear the journey in the music,” Andrews said.

“It was really cool hearing the story if you just sat back and listened to the song and listen to melody and how it was being played.”

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