May 27, 2023

The California Baptist University Recreation Center is offering diverse group exercise classes this spring.

Each class has the objective to encourage participants to stay fit, but offers diverse ways for participants to accomplish this common goal.

Students can get in a cardio routine and lift weights at the same time in the Arc Attack class offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:15 to 6 p.m.

Although the class is only 45 minutes, Taylor Schram-Bishop, senior psychology major and Arc Attack class instructor, makes participants sweat every minute of it.

The class is focused to burn calories and build stamina.

“I think it is an intense 45 minutes, the other classes are an hour. I like this class because it covers weights with cardio, and you can get in and get out in 45 minutes, as opposed to an hour-and-10, or the hour- and-15 classes,” said Kim Roper, department secretary of the Aviation Science Department.

This semester, the Rec Center is introducing a new class that offers a chance to help students get their groove on and exercise at the same time. Pulse is a hip-hop class that was originally offered once a month, but will now be Thursdays from 9 to 10 p.m. in the Group X room.

Kiersten Laxamana, senior marketing major and hip-hop class instructor, teaches students a full routine within the hour-long class.

Laxamana said she has always had a passion for dancing and believes the hip-hop class will be a great addition to the group-exercise classes at the Rec Center.

“People can express themselves and exercise at the same time,” Laxamana said.

She added that her class is not about secular music or dance moves.

“The way I choreograph my routines are not provocative,” Laxamana said. “The class is more about promoting community and the students having fun.”

Many group exercise classes from last semester are being offered with a variety of fitness goals.

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