May 27, 2023

California Baptist University welcomes a new daytime Master of Business Administration program in the 2015 fall semester to help students gain business experience through a paid internship, class time, personal mentor and trip overseas.

As students have the opportunity to be a part of a paid internship program, they can apply their skills and experiences while working toward their master’s degrees. Students who participate in the program will be assigned a mentor to help coach them through their hands-on experience within the one-year program.

Dr. Steve Strombeck, professor of marketing and director of the MBA program, has a history of teaching similar programs at Union University, Azusa Pacific University and institutions overseas. He said the mission of the program is all about training and equipping students to be able to do what they need to do in the marketplace, in terms of managing.

“Our goal in the MBA program, and generally for the business school, is to try to help you figure out God’s calling for your life with the MBA,” Strombeck said.

“Along the way, that’s something we have to partner with you on. As faculty, we probe a lot, we ask a lot of questions to try and get you to think about where you see yourself three, five and 10 years down the road.”

With a heavy emphasis on an entrepreneurial view, Strombeck said the program will have a global trip where they take the MBA students overseas for eight or nine days so they can take what they learn in class and globalize it.

“We love teaching; we’re all here because we love to teach,” Strombeck said. “Our MBA faculty is very passionate about what they do. Every class is highly integrated with what is going on in the industry.”

Strombeck said the MBA program has the team and resources to help students to craft the direction they want to go, whether it is healthcare or entertainment.

The daytime program will feature two days of class for four hours and three days of working in a paid internship. During the third week of the program, Strombeck said students will participate in team-building activities, as well as strategic planning to challenge students.

Hanna Boon, chemistry major at the University of California, Irvine, said she plans on attending CBU after she graduates with her bachelor’s to pursue a MBA degree.

She said she came to this decision after she visited the campus, met with staff members and had friends who spoke highly of CBU.

“I hope to learn how to become a leader and manager based on a system of values. I’ve always found the business side of successful companies intriguing,” Boon said.

“I believe an MBA is a great compliment to my chemistry degree because I can make sure the products are being marketed accurately,” she continued. “Also, I can participate in discussion as a chemist and chemical engineer to administration as far as how things can be done safer, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly while making sure the team stays within budget.”

After Boon graduates from CBU, she said she plans to pursue a master’s degree in chemical engineering and hopes to work as a chemical engineer who participates in administrative decisions.

“I believe that the program will give me organizational and leadership skills, the ability to market products appropriately and give me financial transparency with administration because I will understand the vocabulary,” Boon said.

Mofilayo Arowolo, junior business administration major at CBU, said she is interested in participating in the program after she graduates.

“I’ve always wanted to stand out and learn more, and I liked the School of Business at CBU,” Arowolo said. “What I really like about them is they always involve God in everything and it catches me.”

Arowolo said she is seeking to start her own business internationally.

“You have to brand yourself, and I just feel like this is a way that can help me learn more about businesses out there and how I can give back to the company in my country,” Arowolo said.


Iona Brannon, assistant news editor, contributed to this article. 


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