June 10, 2023

Anna Johnson (left), freshman behavioral science major, and Ashley Palaiyan, freshman architecture major, stand near the Pacific Ocean during the spring break trip to Big Sur, California, hosted by the Office of Community Life’s Outdoor Adventures. Giovanna Berrocal | Banner

A group of 28 students from California Baptist University embarked March 16-19 on a journey to Big Sur, California, for spring break for an Outdoor Adventure, hosted by the Office of Community Life.

For some, home is another state, such as Montana or Alaska, and going on school trips saves them from a tedious spring break on campus. On March 16, the group filled three vans with camping gear, backpacks and sleeping bags and headed for a 7-hour-long drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

“I wanted to go on a fun outdoor adventure for spring break with my friends,” said Ashley Palaiyan, freshman architecture major.

After arriving at the campground in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, the participants set up tents and immediately ran to the creek, where a couple of the adventurers decided to walk through it and stepped on the slimiest of rocks in order to capture the perfect photograph.

The smell of pancakes and sausage filled the air March 17 before anyone was out of their tents. After breakfast, the group packed lunches for the day and headed out for a 5-mile hike in the park.

Waterfalls, redwoods and the Pacific Ocean surrounded the group while hiking to a lookout point where everyone ate bagels.

After the hike down, it was time to visit Pfeiffer Beach, where all the men ran into the 57-degree ocean water and the women in the group, thinking it was a breeze, did the same.

“The moment my skin made contact with the cold refreshing waters of the Pacific Ocean, my heart was filled with the comfort of community as the brothers around me endured the endeavors of pure adventure,” said Nicholas Worrel, sophomore Christian studies major.

As the night grew closer, the stars got brighter, the camp-fire got warmer, and the group shared stories, played games and talked about the meaning of life.

On March 18, the adventurers hopped into the vans to explore the city of Monterey on bikes and kayaks.

Rob Arthur, senior kinesiology major, and Luke Henderson, junior nursing major, decided to think out of the box and rode a tandem bike.

“Tandem bike riding with Rob was definitely the highlight of the trip,” Henderson said.

The group packed their tents March 19, claimed their seats in the vans and headed out for a 7-hour car ride back to Riverside, accompanied by Taylor Swift’s new album.

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