February 21, 2024

Clara Garcia, junior criminal justice major; Sonia Villgas, junior psychology major; and Santiago Arteaga, junior marketing major, observe pieces of student-made art in the Community Life Lounge during the CBU Create event April 9. This event had music, food, fellowship and inspiration. Awards were given for best Instagram submission and Best in Show. Julie Gurrola | Banner

Imagination and artistry permeated every corner of the Community Life Lounge during the annual California Baptist University Create event April 9. Students submitted pieces ranging from graphic design to sculptures, combined with a variety of drawings, paintings and photography. The event also featured snacks and a live disc jockey.

“Create[d]” stood as the evening’s theme, a calling for students to share their artistic gifts and talents with the CBU student body.

“The idea is, we were created by an amazing Creator,” said Chris Hofschroer, assistant dean of students. “If we’re made in his image, we are creative. So we wanted to celebrate that.”

Throughout the night, students from every walk of life came to view the creativity of CBU’s artists.

“It brings a different crowd, so I love reaching a different part of the student body,” said Kristin Waters, program coordinator for clubs and events. Submissions were accepted in the weeks leading up to the event, some submitted a few hours before the night’s festivities began. Pieces could be delivered directly to Community Life, and photos could be entered through use of the hashtag #cbucreate.

First place prizes were awarded to pieces in each division of artwork, and all winners were decided upon by the Community Life staff.

Grand Canyon photos from Jacob Gonzalez, sophomore photography major, took home the prize for Instagram submissions. The Best in Show award went to Jess Schoellerman, junior graphic design and digital media major, for her portrait painted in Photoshop, “Sydney.”

Several works replicated the images of pop culture icons, such as Lebron James, Audrey Hepburn and the cast of “Parks and Recreation.”

Singer Lana del Rey hung among these famous faces in one of two black and white drawings by Amanda Aguas, sophomore communication disorders major.

“I love to see the progress because, at first, it can be kind of foggy,” Aguas said. “But as the process goes along you can see it become more and more realistic.”

Artwork inspired outside the realm of Hollywood also dazzled guests. A sculpture depicting a book with cascading pages greeted visitors upon en- try, while a dramatic diversity of portraits, paintings and photography decorated the walls.

“One of my favorite aspects is there’s so many pieces that weren’t by art students,” Hofschroer said. “It’s an opportunity for them just to showcase their art. It’s rad to see each and every person kind of come out of their shell.”

One of these emerging artists was Jay Nieto, sophomore communication disorders major. Nieto submitted three pieces for the event, two drawings and one painting.

“I put my effort into it and express my emotions through my art,” Nieto said. “I think that’s the one cool thing about artists, is that we can do that.”

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