March 24, 2023

Matt and Kim are back with more upbeat and catchy songs in their newest album release, “New Glow.” The Brooklyn duo has delivered their fifth album along with a set of spring tour dates. They kicked off their album release April 7 at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

The show started with Matt and Kim walking out, Kim jumping on the drums and Matt hitting the keys. They started the show with a crowd favorite and classic, “It’s Alright,” and asked the crowd to jump and dance along.

They also performed one of the new tracks, “Get It,” a hip-hop inspired beat party song, in which they ran out to the crowd and had everyone put their hands up.

Other songs from the new album, including “Hey Now” and “Can You Blame Me,” help remind listeners of the importance of living, with lines such as, “Can you blame me for just being alive?”

“Hey Now” has a burst of energy, and provides a great jump start to anyone’s day. This album is made up of catchy hooks to sing along.

In an effort to help their fanbase transition into the new album, the duo is offering an opportunity for fans to participate in the making of their video for “Can You Blame Me.”

Matt and Kim recorded close-ups of themselves singing the song, and fans have been asked to submit creative homemade videos of themselves displaying the band’s videos on their personal tablets while holding them in front of their own faces.

The band begins their U.S. tour as the hype of reviews comes in and fans come out to hear their favorite songs.

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