May 25, 2024

Ryan Rainwater, sophomore applied theology major, climbs the bouldering wall at the Rec Center. Bouldering is a type of climbing Rainwater participates in, using only secure grip shoes and chalk.

Since the construction of the Rec Center and the rock climbing wall, there have been many events and activities taking place on the wall.

Prior to participating in any rock wall activities, students, faculty and staff must go through the mandatory Safety 101 class offered at the Recreation Center.

Safety 101 teaches beginning and experienced climbers how to tie different types of knots and use several techniques to climb.

Louis Flood, lead climbing attendant, said anyone who has had experience with climbing can test out of the instructional class by showing the trainers they know what to do.

There are a few activities taking place on or around the rock wall, such as Yoga for Climbers.

“(Yoga for Climbers) focuses on specific muscle groups that climbers use,” Flood said.

This class takes place on the third Wednesday of every month, from 9 to 10 p.m.

“Everyone who comes and climbs or who wants to be able to climb better, can take the Yoga for Climbers class,” Flood said.

Yoga for Climbers was established as an activity because Flood said he noticed after doing yoga and then climbing the wall, climbing actually felt much better.

The Boulder Bash competition is another event on the rock wall.

The competition takes place on Oct. 14 and sign ups begin  Oct 7.

At the competion there will be just bouldering, which is a type of climbing performed without ropes or a harness. The only equipment the participant can use is chalk and climbing shoes to provide a secure grip. There will be anywhere from 20-30 participants in the competition. During the competition, participants can win awards and prizes.

For those who are not familiar with the bouldering technique, there will be an introduction class offered on Oct. 2 to anyone who is interested in learning how to boulder.

Tessa Cannon, junior graphic design and business administration double major, mentions how beneficial the rock climbing events are to the climbing community.

“(These classes) encourage climbers and motivate them to work
harder, so that they can possibly compete against other schools as well as competing against their peers here at CBU,” Cannon said.

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