June 10, 2023

One of Marvel’s oldest superhero teams, The Defenders, are hidden in plain sight, plucked from obscurity and will soon be placed directly onto our television screens.

The Defenders are a team of characters who first appeared in 1971 in a comic book published by Marvel. Each member of the team is a crime fighting vigilante attempting to save the universe.

The team consists of Jessica Jones, an ex-Avenger and private investigator, Luke Cage, a minority hero with unbreakable skin; and Iron First, a billionaire that uses kung-fu and mystic arts. The most well-known Defender, “Daredevil,” already has his own show which premiered on Netflix in April to positive reviews.

“‘Daredevil’ is different than other TV shows,” said Anna Hickernell, junior psychology major. “It takes on a more serious and realistic tone when compared to other superhero shows. The story shares a reality about what would happen if a man would literally try to take on a crime syndicate.”

Justin Kang, a student who is earning his teaching credential at California Baptist University, said he enjoys the selection on Netflix. He explained that the streaming service has the shows about which  he is passionate.

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones seems like it will follow in the tradition of Daredevil and be another great Netflix show,” said Jonathan Aguilar, junior health science major.

Marvel announced the Netflix deal in 2013, giving original Marvel characters their individual television shows to tell their unique stories including Daredevil, Iron First, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Marvel’s Jessica Jones is slated for Nov. 20 .

“Marvel’s ‘Alias’ is one of the best comics of the early 2000s,” Aguilar said. “I’m so excited to see what they do with the new show. Brian Michael Bendis, (author of Marvel Comics), and Michael Gaydos, (Marvel artist), propelled the series to excellence.”

When Marvel originally announced the partnership, they broke the news that all four shows are  set to combine under the moniker of The Defenders in a fifth show.

No release date is currently known for the upcoming Defenders television series or the Luke Cage and Iron Fist solo series.

“The combined might of ‘The Defenders’ in the Netflix Marvel Universe is something to be reckoned with,” Aguilar said.

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