June 13, 2024

Shopping online at Target is now more affordable. The retail company announced its online price-match policy at the beginning of October to better suit customers’ needs.

The new policy allows 14 days for shoppers to request a price adjustment, as opposed to the old policy of seven days, and will allow shoppers to choose from 29 competitors, rather than five.

Membership-only stores like Costco and Sam’s Club are now included in the price-matching criteria without having to acquire a membership, a benefit for customers who do not want to sign up for other stores just to have a  Target price lowered.

Paolo Coronel, sophomore business administration major, previously used Target’s former price-matching policy but said he was disappointed in its limited scope.

“The last time I used it was for a PlayStation 3 and I could only price match with Best Buy, but now that Costco is also on the list I might get better deals,” Coronel said.

Target’s increase in online focus signals ongoing competition with rival retailers Wal-Mart and Amazon to capture customers’ attention and entice shoppers to be more loyal to their business.

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