May 23, 2024

Tyler Joseph, singer of Twenty One Pilots, performs “Guns for Hands,” from the band’s previous album “Vessel,” on top of his piano. Joshua Dun, drummer, plays drums in the background at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles Oct. 15.

The band Twenty One Pilots has made a name for themselves in recent months with their album “Blurryface” and a world tour, including a recent stop at San Diego State University Open Air Theater in San Diego Oct. 16.

Tyler Joseph, singer, keyboard and ukulele player, has performed alongside Joshua Dun, drummer, since 2011 in an uncategorized genre of music that includes a mix with electronic and pop music, reggae elements and sometimes, rap verses. Aside from pulling off a mixture of music, the lyrics have deep meaning to the fans and Joseph as he deals with the insecurities he and many people face on a daily basis.

The set started with a couple songs from their newest album including “Heavydirtysoul,” the opening song of “Blurryface” and “Stressed Out,” a song many college students can definitely relate to.

The energy from the Ohio duo was intense and carried on for the entire 90 minute show as the band went back and forth between a few of their older classic songs and back to the newest popular songs.

In the middle of the set, the duo traded their keyboard and drums for a smaller version of the instruments as they got even closer to the fans to preform songs from their previous album “Vessel.”

Just when the “skeleton clique,” a nickname for the large fanbase, thought it couldn’t get any better, fans held Dun and his smaller drum set up as he finished the song “Ride.”

Between Dun doing a back flip off of Joseph’s piano and Joseph running back and forth to each side of the stage and constantly checking to see if the concertgoers were having a good time, the duo had an immense amount of interaction and connection with the fans.

“Lane Boy,” a popular song with nearly 6.5 million views on YouTube, included Joseph instructing the crowd to get low as the electronic beat built up and to jump up and start dancing once the beat dropped. With the crowd anticipating the drop, the intensity and excitement of the concert was even higher than before.

The interaction with audience continued as Joseph split the crowd into two groups and conducted the parts of the song “Doubt” the audience would sing. It was at that moment that the entire venue became a part of the show.

“Trees” was the highlight of the entire show as Dun and Joseph started the song on stage and ended the instrumental with the front rows of fans holding them up facing each other with a bass drum each in front of them. As the band members both hit the drums at the same time, confetti blew from the stage, marking the final end to an unforgettable show from Twenty One Pilots.

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