May 23, 2024

The days of renting movies at Blockbuster and enjoying their buttery popcorn may be over, but students still have access to vintage stores and a plethora of streaming and on-demand movie and music services when shopping for entertainment.

“Look in a lot of thrift stores or used bookstores that are local,” said Cristi Hernandez, sophomore Christian behavioral science major. “That’s where I usually find the best deals. You can discover a lot of gems at local stores hiding throughout Riverside.”

With 235 locations all around Riverside for CBU students to use, Redbox and their $1 rental fee may be the toughest price to beat.

For older movies that are not trending in Redbox locations, stores like Red Planet Records on 7001 Indiana Ave. hold hundreds of DVDs from childhood memories for those “throwback movie nights” on Fridays.

Renaissance Book Shop located on 3772 Elizabeth St.. in Riverside sells used books and DVDs cheaper than stores like Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Saul Sanchez, senior business administration major, said he likes to shop at Barnes & Noble.

“Sometimes if there is a subject I am interested in, I will purchase a book from the front of the store’s bargain section,” Sanchez said.

When it comes to college textbooks, Anabelle Zandi, senior intercultural studies major, takes advantage of having Amazon Prime, which includes free shipping when renting or buying books. As college students, free two-day shipping is something students may appreciate.

“I tend to find used books on Amazon that are well worth the possible slight pencil markings for the greatly inexpensive price,” Zandi said.

At $99 per year, Amazon Prime can be expensive for some. Instead of selling books back to the campus store and receiving less money than the purchase price, students can buy and sell their textbooks all year long at the university book exchange at 231 Big Springs road. in Riverside.

Jonathan Aguilar, junior health science major, said he shops for videogames at big online venues like Amazon.

“The games ship the day of release, and deals for Black Friday are already available.”

Amazon has launched a Countdown to Black Friday Deals sale with big savings on entertainment purchases.

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