May 25, 2024

Hannah Tamimi | Banner Dr. Joseph Pelletier, assistant professor of psychology and co-director of research, sports his top knot hair in his office.

The year has been filled with trends in fashion and hair, and at California Baptist University some professors and students take part in the trends of the year, incorporating them into their daily life.

The man bun has taken the male community at CBU by storm. A multitude of men have participated in this trend, embracing the “long hair don’t care” way of life. Due to the populatirty, an anonymous Instagram account, @manbunsofcbu, features the men of CBU sporting a bun on campus.

Jacob Gonzalez, junior photography major, has been featured on the Instagram account several times, but chooses not to brag about it.

“I don’t consider myself part of the trend,” Gonzalez said. “I don’t want to deal with brushing my hair. So for me, the bun is practical.”

Gonzalez has been growing his hair out for a year and can be spotted around campus with a camera in hand and sporting a man bun.

“I’ve had a man bun for so long that it’s basically become part of who I am,” Gonzalez said. “Everyone knows I have one.”

Dr. Joseph Pelletier, assistant professor of psychology and co-director of research, on the other hand, has made a name for himself by sporting his man bun in classrooms and around campus.

Pelletier said he only started wearing a man bun because he didn’t know what else to do with his hair.

“I adopted the man bun by accident.” Pelletier said. “I didn’t even know it was trendy when I started wearing it. My friends and I were growing our hair out for charity, and I wasn’t sure what else to do with it, so I tied it up in a man bun.”

Pelletier said his students are usually surprised to see him sporting a man bun.

Pelletier said he still plans on growing out his hair.

“I’m donating my hair again, so I might be sporting this look way after it has stopped being fashionable,” Pelletier said.

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