June 5, 2023

Yet another tragic occurrence of collegiate violence happened Nov. 4 at the University of California, Merced when an 18-year-old freshman stabbed two students, a university employee and a construction worker with a hunting knife.

Thankfully, all four victims have survived but police shot and killed the student before he could do more harm than he already did. According to CBS News, police found items in his backpack that indicated he was planning to do more harm, including items that could construct a rudimentary explosive.

His autopsy revealed a two-page manifesto on his person that described his motives and plan of action to “terrorize and kill several classmates,” according to Vern Warnke, Merced County Sheriff. Written in the margins of the manifesto were several praises to Allah and plans to decapitate someone.

The sheriff and other law enforcements are not deeming the occurrence as an act of terror.They hold the position that the violent rampage had nothing to do with a religious motivation.

Their explanation is that the student was simply upset that he was kicked out of a study group.

This situation aptly sums up an increasingly prevalent issue in the United States, with media, law enforcement and the government overall. In an attempt to be culturally and religiously sensitive—excluding sensitivity when it comes to Christianity—people are refusing to accept the truth and call something what it really is.

In this case, it was a blatant act of terror. The student wrote a manifesto with a numbered list in which he detailed exactly what he planned to do, which was, according to Warnke, “sit down and praise Allah.”

People are so terrified to be politically incorrect or insensitive to other cultures that they would rather risk the lives of others so as not to stick their feet in their mouths. While the solution is not to immediately be suspicious of anyone with a religion or culture different than our own, it is time for people to stop walking on eggshells and start accepting the truth, which in this particular case, happens to not be the story the media and law enforcement are telling.

The media and law enforcement never seem to have qualms about being insensitive toward Christians and their ilk. Why aren’t other
religions and cultures given the same treatment?

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