May 25, 2024

A survey by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute concluded that the demand for employees with bachelor’s degrees has risen by 18 percent in California during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

The largest increase for the needs of the working force were found in the administrative job market, with an explosive rise of 40 percent, while the greatest decrease in employee demand was seen in the mining and oil industry, which suffered a fall of 47 percent.

Kiefer Cicotte, senior healthcare administration major, said he is excited about the rise in administrative jobs and that the rise in the administration job market is directly correlated to the current boom in the health industry.

“There’s always a need for healthcare, not only for nurses and physicians but the people who keep the framework of the hospital in order as well, such as administrators,” Cicotte said. “(This) allows me to have a better chance of getting my foot in the door of a hospital or a huge health maintenance organization such as Kaiser.”

This has come as good news for many prospective college graduates because of the general fear of leaving the safety of a university only to be overwhelmed by real-world responsibilities and duties.

Spenser Deardorff, senior theatre and history double major, said he is excited about the rise in employment opportunities for recent graduates.

“It’s about time the job market started growing,” Deardorff said.

When Deardorff saw which jobs received the largest increase in rate employment, he said he was disappointed.

“This country should reintroduce funding to the arts,” he said. “Schools need art, not just theatre, we need photography, writing and painting to grow, also.”

The job market for teachers and instructors has fluctuated heavily through the past few years, but has slowly declined since the start of the current decade.

Next year, the rise in employment is expected to be even higher across all fields and the opportunities available to recent graduates will increase alongside it.

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