December 2, 2023

Christmas decorations deck the halls of every major retailer, special toy and electronics ads are included with the Sunday newspaper and classic seasonal jingles echo throughout businesses as if it were Christmas Eve, except it is barely the middle of November.

Thanksgiving has seemingly been swept under the rug in favor of debates over red cups and fair religious representation on secular companies’ products.

Concern with stores offering deals and even being open on Black Friday is larger than the attention given to Thanksgiving.

The spirit of Thanksgiving deserves more attention than it is receiving from the majority of media and business outlets.

The national holiday is about spending time with family and friends gathered in one setting to give thanks for one  another and for all of the year’s blessings.

Although the celebration of Christ’s birth is the most important part of the last portion of the calendar year, taking time to come together as a family and give thanks  is equally important.

Marginalizing one of America’s largest holidays to capitalize on monetary profits is baffling, though it is justified with “the Christmas spirit.”

Despite how fun and grand the Christmas season is, the festivities can stay in the attic until Nov. 27, 2015.

Family and friends are more important than the secondary attributes that come with the arrival of a holiday.

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