June 9, 2023

California Baptist University Community Life office helps students get involved with on- and off-campus activities and helps students integrate into the campus.

Kristin Waters, director of Campus Activities, said getting involved brings a sense of belonging and connection to the university.

“It is important for students to get involved in the CBU community to develop a deeper sense of belonging and connection to the university,” Waters said.

Community Life provides  ticket sales where students can purchase discounted movie tickets, Disneyland tickets  and outdoor adventures like Yosemite.

Josh DeVore, senior business administration major, said he likes utilizing the events and activities provided by Community Life and said they have helped him connect to campus life.

“I enjoy the opportunities to utilize Comm Life’s space for games, studying and renting supplies for my own activities. They have always been helpful and make it easy to connect,” DeVore said.

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