February 23, 2024

Tyler Rhode | Banner Cindy Moreno, employee at Slickables, assembles one of the store’ customized ice cream sandwiches at the shop’s Riverside location.

“Sandwiches that are lickable” is the slogan at the affordable ice cream sandwich shop in the University Village in  Riverside and offers the opportunity to mix and match flavors stacked between two cookies.

Slickables offers nine cookie choices and 11 ice cream flavors priced at $2 a sandwich and is located only fifteen minutes away from California Baptist University.

Sam Chang, owner of Slickables, said Slickables is a value-based business.

“Our focus is to give our customers great products for great prices,” Chang said. Chang owns the shop along with his wife, Tina Chau.

The variety of the menu builds a network that meets the needs of a diverse city such as Riverside. Chang shared they want to see value and quality within their brand.

“We are relatively low-key on the marketing front,” Chang said. “What we like to do is for every dollar that we could spend in advertising we actually like to invest in the product to make it better and keep prices low.”

Slickables is a growing business with two additional locations in Arizona.

The original shop opened in Tempe next to Arizona State University and Chang shared that the two main criteria for choosing a location are warm weather and, most importantly, proximity to a college.

With the Riverside location situated between the University of California, Riverside and California Baptist University, the closeness is fit for college students and Chang’s criteria.

Noah McCarthy, sophomore psychology major, said he is excited about the new shop because it brings something new to the table.

“(Slickables) is close to school, looks amazing and is super affordable on a college budget,” McCarthy said.

The menu is not limited to just their signature cookie sandwiches. Customers can order “fudgy brownies,” which are Slickables’ version of the classic chocolate dessert, and home-style milkshakes, as well.

The shop is open daily until midnight and boasts a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Slickables currently occupies a small storefront in University Village and fares well compared with franchise dessert shops such as Coldstone and Dairy Queen.

“Ice cream and cookies are something I could eat all day, every day, for the rest of my life,” McCarthy said.

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