February 21, 2024

The ugly Christmas sweater trend has become an anticipated seasonal fashion statement in which people wear eccentric holiday-themed sweaters to participate in this amusing tradition popular in recent years.

Whether people create do-it-yourself designs of their sweater, order online or purchase them from a wide range of  stores, the style is guaranteed to make an appearance in the upcoming season.

Christmas sweaters can be found at vintage or thrift stores and have recently been available at popular shops such as Target and Nordstrom.

“I think it’s a fun holiday activity everyone gets to do,” said Alex Arellano, senior health science major. “It totally enhances the holiday spirit. There’s even contests for ugly Christmas sweaters so people actually try to dress up when there’s a party.”

According to Arellano, some stores sell kits which involve all the décor needed to turn a simple sweater into a creative masterpiece.

William Rosentrater, junior mechanical engineering major, said he does not participate in the sweater craze, but his parents host an ugly Christmas sweater party every year, where people bond over their unconventional sweater choices.

“Specifically at parties, I feel like the reason my parents do it is because it gives people who don’t know each other at all something to talk to about,” Rosentrater said.

Some students on campus even break out their stylish sweaters  before the holidays, such as self-described Christmas enthusiast Kayla Ruiz, sophomore accounting major.

“I start bringing (the sweater) out in the month of January and then I wear it year round to show my Christmas spirit,” Ruiz said. “I like that the sweater gives me confidence in being able to love Christmas with all my heart. I love my Christmas sweater.

Ruiz said she sees the Christmas sweater trend lasting for years to come.

“I plan on keeping my Christmas sweaters to hand down to my great, great grandchildren.”

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