July 24, 2024

Kaitlynn Labit | Banner Baylee VanBeekom, sophomore psychology and sociology double major, Sammy Villarreal, sophomore health administration major, and Michelle Peprah, sophomore psychology major, finish bags of shrimp at Star Crab.

From the outside, Star Crab may seem like a regular seafood eatery, but behind the glass doors sits the go-to place to grab a bite of good seafood at an even better price without having to venture to Los Angeles or Orange County.

Located at 10051 Magnolia Ave. in Riverside, California, the restaurant opened in April 2013 and features delicious cajun and creole flavors that have earned the business a 4.8 star rating on Yelp and frequent visits from Will Yih, sophomore and health care administration major.

“(My friends) talked about how good, cheap and close it was,” Yih said. “You have the option to add mild, medium or hot sauces to the shrimp, crawfish or lobster or you can eat it plain. I’ve gone there a couple times with some friends and (the employees) recognize me now.”

Only three miles from campus, the restaurant’s environment is relaxed. The walls are covered in Sharpie graffiti, the music blares over speakers and the table covers are giant rolls of paper that can be drawn on while waiting for your food.

Elleana Lopez, sophomore pre-nursing major, is an employee at Star Crab and addressed the similarity to their competitors: Joe’s Crab Shack, Kickin’ Crab and Boiling Crab.

“(Star Crab) is really good compared to other restaurants that have the same type of concept,” Lopez said. “It’s a smaller location so service is better and you get good quality for your money.”

The prices on Star Crab’s menu can be considered an affordable price for college students. The menu’s meals range from $10 to $20 depending on the type of meal ordered. The most popular item on the menu, the pound of shrimp, costs $10 and is served in a plastic bag and is meant to be devoured with bare hands.

“The shrimp is our best-selling meal,” said Don Kim, manager of Star Crab.

Star Crab’s flavors, affordable prices and proximity has made the restaurant a success for its employees and students.

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