July 24, 2024

Jared Overstreet | Banner Brendon Urie, lead singer of the band Panic! at the Disco, transitions into his falsetto voice while singing “Vegas Lights” during their album release show Jan. 19 at the Tower Theatre in Los Angeles. Urie is the only member left of the original four artists that made up the band. Their newest album “Death of a Bachelor” was released Jan. 15 and has already reached No. 1 on Billboard charts.

Alternative band Panic! At The Disco celebrated the release of their newest, now Billboards No. 1 album, “Death of a Bachelor” with a high energy performance Jan. 19 at the Tower Theater in Los Angeles.

Frontman Brendon Urie electrified the audience with his energy, charisma and boisterous vocals, never allowing a dull moment during the set.

Opening the night with “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time,” a wild, ‘70s rock-vibe melody off the new album, the band set the tone for the rest of the night and brought physical excitement to a crowd anxious to hear the new songs live for the first time.

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This is Urie’s first album composed and written solely by himself, the only original member of the band. Although billed as an album release show, the concert featured several classics from previous albums, showcasing the legacy Panic! has built from its beginning in 2005.

While maintaining theatrics throughout his performance on the small, cramped theater stage, Urie drew energy from the crowd and poured passion and emotion into everything from the new track “Emperor’s New Clothes,” to the beloved “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” from their debut album.

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Urie’s persona was revealed to the audience through his endless energy. His personalized suit jackets shined, reflecting the stage lights from his silhouette.

A normal tribute during his shows, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen was played in the middle of the set; a rendition beautiful and true to the original. Matching his vocal range closely to Freddy Mercury’s, Urie’s  performance preserved the vitality of the medly. Playing guitar, drums and piano through that song, Urie had the crowd following the dramatic execution of the adored classic.

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Excited that he was playing an intimate show, Urie thanked his fans for remaining faithful through the years and through the changes the band has seen. He proceeded to play a four-song encore for the still-energized audience, and left the stage grinning after completing his set.

Giving his fans a bit of every era of Panic!’s music, Urie did not disappoint and provided the ultimate experience for the intimate fanbase at the theater.

Panic! only played two shows in the United States in support of “Death of a Bachelor,” but will return for a tour with Weezer in North America in June.

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