April 20, 2024

Morgan Kelly | Banner Madison Gallardo, freshman biology major, eagerly awaits her Sweet Treat from a staff member in the Alumni Dining Commons.

A weekly addition to the Alumni Dining Commons has left students with their sweet tooth satisfied as the cafeteria has introduced exclusive treats ranging from donuts to hot fudge sundaes.

The food station, “Sweet Tweets with Lisa,” offers students delectable desserts every Wednesday, giving people a reason to eagerly anticipate the next featured dessert.

Lisa Cabrera, bakery manager at the ADC, has devoted the past 14 years to bringing college students appetizing foods they can appreciate through her work for Provider Contract Food Service at CBU.

The desserts Cabrera prepares were nicknamed “Sweet Tweets” by a staff member and the name caught on quickly. The title was then made into signs posted throughout the ADC to advertise the desserts.

“(The food) is always really good,” said Cassie Dotta, sophomore liberal studies major. “The name is catchy and really cute. It just gets your attention.”

Instead of setting up the station every night, the staff decided to do it once a week to make it a special occasion.

“(The staff) sat down and picked some desserts we wanted to do, some of them I already had in the menu rotation,” Cabrera said.

She said it is rewarding when students have positive feedback. Cabrera incorporates her own creative spin to beloved treats, making things more exciting for everyone.

“I’m the type of person who always tries to make things better or come up with different things,” Cabrera said. “It’s even more fun when the people enjoy it. That really makes me happy when I see people really enjoying the food.”

Matthew Dina, senior global community science major, said he looks forward to the pie and new flavors of ice cream.

“The caf does a great job with having a good balance of constant things like ice cream, cheesecake and new stuff they bring,” Dina said. “They have a hard job to try to satisfy so many people.”

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