April 20, 2024

Asking for a favor is a beautiful aspect of friendship. To be able to give help and receive help from someone is endearing and rewarding. Asking someone to open a door or hand you something you dropped when your arms are full can create a small moment of unity.

However, there is a difference between seeking help when it is needed, and when it isn’t convenient for you.

No matter the weight of the favor asked, if you are capable of doing so yourself, it might be more convenient for you than for the person you are asking.

When in a comfortable environment, such as with roommates or in a small work space, it is common to lean toward asking those around us for help, even when it is not needed.

We have reached a time where convenience outweighs politeness. The common struggle of being so tired you don’t want to get up to walk across the room for your bag is joked about frequently.

Most are comfortable complaining about not wanting to do simple tasks for the sake of community humor.

This new found comfortability highlighting laziness assumes that those around us agree with our struggle and are willing to do favors we are completely capable of doing ourselves.

As college students, independence should be instilled into us, even in seemingly small situations. Don’t ask for help because it would be convenient for you, ask for help because you actually need it.

When we are slow to ask others for help, we have more time to complete our own tasks and offer our help to those who may actually need it.

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