December 7, 2023

After years of sitting atop the pizza food chain, Pizza Hut has had to revise its business layout to stay competitive with stop-and-go franchises and pizzerias dedicated to extreme pie customization.

Pizza Hut, a division of Yum! Brands Inc., has seen a decline in sales across the nation in the past few years that the company hopes to conquer with a redesigned restaurant suited for fast, comfortable service.

“Our goal is to have restaurants that are easy to operate, accessible and inviting,” said David Gibbs, chief executive officer of the chain in a press release. “The new concept is designed for speed.”

There are not any current testing locations for the updated Pizza Hut in California, but one store in Lantana, Texas, has taken on a more modern look dedicated to a comfortable but quick dining experience.

“I always ate Pizza Hut growing up and it is now my choice delivery,” said Sarah Dane, sophomore English major. “They have really good deals on bread sticks and who can say no to extra gluten?”

With new ovens able to cook pizzas in three minutes and deals geared toward individuals who have a limited lunch or dinner break, the remodel aims to increase the aesthetic value of restaurants and the appeal to diners on a tight schedule.

Updates to the chain’s estimated 6,400 stores are expected to be completed by 2022.

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